100% made in Italy
design monica freitas geronimi

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You can customize the dimensions and the power of all the radiators. you can complete the radiators with a mg12’s towel warmer model choosing among geometrici collection, kids collection, gioielli collection and mirror collection.

Base module heating element.

Aluminium radiant module detail (10 cm) with painted cover module (10 cm).

the radiator element goes into the domestic environment in a new brand look. it’s characterized by new shapes, a strong expression of the research, the project, the design and the flavour. it’s a modular and scalable product good for every need. the radiator becomes much more flexible enriching it with towel warmers.mg12, a company specialized in radiant elements and towel warmers production, is a avantgarde reality that use the most sophisticated productive technologies and innovative production processes management, surpassing the serial production and proposing tailor made solutions.
the new radiators generation is born thinking about the environment and the nature. their ecological feature is perfectly integrated with low temperature systems such as condensing boilers, heat pumps and solar panels. the environment sustenibility is guaranteed thanks to a system that gives the maximum performance and reduces the water content.
the painting is made through a polymerization process: applying thermoset powder in polyester resins, variable thickness from 90 to 130 micron, then backed in a hoven at 200° to increase corrosion protection and improving the quality, the resistence and durability.
nano technologies allow to delete any waste production such as phosphates, muds, heavy metals, nitrites and nitrates. a recycling process at he end of theproduct life cycle is guaranteed choosing recyclable materials as aluminium and carbon stainless.